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Our article “Immunomagnetic Separation Improves the Detection of Mycobacteria by Paper-Based Lateral and Vertical Flow Immunochromatographic Assays” , by Alejandra Ben Aissa, Barbara Araújo,  Esther JuliánMaria Valnice Boldrin Zanoni and María Isabel Pividori , has been selected, among 305 articles, by the editors as the cover of the forthcoming issue.

Immunomagnetic separation improves the detection of mycobacteria by one order of magnitude in paper-based immunochromatographic assay. The preconcentration of the bacteria is achieved by using magnetic particles modified with an antibody specific towards mycobacteria. The bacteria are then lysed, and the genome is amplified by double-tagging PCR. During the amplification, the amplicons are also labeled with biotin and digoxigenin tags, providing a further improvement in the limit of detection. Two different paper-based platforms, nucleic acid vertical and lateral flow, can visually detect the required limit of mycobacteria in hemodialysis water, becoming promising techniques for the rapid screening of water supplies in hemodialysis centers.

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