General instructions e-learning for Bioanalytical Chemistry. Part 1

Tutorial for subscribing and accessing the website

How to subscribe the website?

In order to use all the features of the website and to properly join the activities, you must be subscribed to the website upon receipt of an email sent by Prof Pividori (the mail will be received along this week), following the instructions as below:

  1. First, you will receive an email like this, in order to subscribe the website, from Isabel Pividori Website. Your ID university number (NIA) will be always “your user name” and it is mandatory for the login.

2. Then, you must click the link to put your personal private password. You will find a screen like this, in order to put your personal password.

3. After clicking “Reset Password”, you will get this screen:

4. This procedure should be followed only the first time. Once you are subscribed, you will be asked to use the NIU number (as username/usuari) and your personal password/paraula clau every time you want to access the forum activities, teaching post, and podcast for your subject, following the instructions as below:

How to log in the website?

5. For some activities, you will be asked to login in the website. ( Note: for some other activities including downloading materials, you will be also asked for a PASSWORD that provided Prof Pividori in the first mail). A screen like this will be shown.

6. Log in with username/usuari (which is the NIU) and password/paraula clau. you will ask to add as a username ALWAYS YOUR NIU (ID university card number composed by 7 numbers, that will be your username/usuari for this website) and the password previously modified by you in step 2.

7. IF YOU ARE ALREADY SUBSCRIBED, you can directly access the website by the address,, and this is your view. From the upper menu, you can “LOGIN” (if necessary), or enter to your specific subject upon clicking “TEACHING” and Bioanalytical Chemistry ( Under “Bioanalytical Chemistry” menu, you can access the forum (only if you are logged in), the grades (only if you are logged in) and the calendar, as shown below.

8. The login from the “LOGIN” button in the Menu bar is done similarly as explained above. Again, remember to access with the username (which is the NIU) and password.

Some activities including joining the forum,, will need you to login. You can do it by clicking the LOGIN button from the upper menu. You can also access your topic and the forum by clicking teaching, and for your subject

If you try different options (enter with the e-mail, enter by worpress, enter with other passwords), you will have problems with cookies, which is a common error in the wordpress dashboard due to browser configuration issues.

In such a case, ask the administrator (Prof. Pividori) to resent the password.

How to be update with new posts and publications?

9. No actions are required. In order to receive notifications as a student of new posts, announcements and lectures, your e-campus email address will be added by the Prof in an official notification list.

It is not necessary to subscribe by yourself, except if you want to receive notifications in an unofficial mail address (for instance, gmail). In such a case, you have two email subscription areas, in the sidebar or in the footer areas:

Which important information can be found in the website menus?

10. By clicking your subject from the menu “Bioanalytical Chemistry“, you will get all the information of the topic. The side menu contains important information, as follows:

Which material is available on the website for your subject?

Power point presentation

The material of the lectures (including the power point presentations) can be found in the website at the beginning of the course, available for all the students during all the course. For downloading the materials, you will be also asked for a PASSWORD that will be provided by the Prof Pividori


Lectures will be either held by Teams, or with narrated presentations and / or videos and virtual whiteboards which will be posted daily on the website at the time of your classes. For each posted lecture (as scheduled), you will also receive an email. These lectures will be will be available to students until 12:00 pm on the same day of classes. The teacher will offer an overview of the topic, focus on those key concepts for understanding and answer any questions or concerns in a forum created for each of the topics (

Continuous assessment

In addition, virtual assessment activities will be proposed for the theoretical lectures as quizzes and on the forum. The activities are designed to encourage the learning of specific skills. Activities must be delivered on time, on the specific place in a post open for that in the website. On the other hand, individual, autonomous work is required in order to reinforce the knowledge from reading and understanding the proposed reference books, web pages, tutorial videos or books that can be provided for specific topics. In order to carry out a self-assessment of learning, online multiple-choice tests will be proposed for each of the units, and their completion will also be considered in the assessment. 


The participation on the forum is also recommended and is encourage since it will be also evaluated.


Online tutorials will be pre-scheduled and may be grouped or individual. They will be made using Microsoft Teams software.


The competences of this subject will be evaluated by means of different activities detailed explained in, including examination and other activities, to mention a few:

A) Deliveries of works on the website

B) Participation in the online activities proposed in the forum, individual, cooperative and collaborative, and participation in self-assessment activities.

C) Others

Your marks will appear on the dashboard, in the GradeBook, as shown below:

What should I do if I find issues in login?


(Only if you have found issues in accessing the website)

if upon login you get this message, you need to add a language (either Catalan or Spanish) to the browser, since you are identify by the server as an security attack.

In this platform, there are security rules to limit the scope of attacks and the load that they can generate. Accordingly to these rules, we block wordpress login from browsers that do not have certain languages ​​installed, some of them:

  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • Galician
  • Basque

It is not necessary all of them to be installed, only 1 of them is enough.

To add them in Chrome:

In the top right, click More and then Settings. At the bottom, click Show advanced settings. In the “Languages” section, click Language and input settings. Select the language you want to use from the list. If the language is not in the list, first add it as one of your preferred languages ​​for web pages. For this, click Add. In the right panel, click Show Google Chrome in this language. Close the browser completely and reopen it to apply the changes.

To add them in Mozilla Firefox:

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