General instructions e-learning for Bioanalytical Chemistry. Part 3

Tutorial for subscribing and accessing the website

Activity 4. Subscribe the forum as indicate below. Reply the question and the poll in the forum, under announcement sections. Verify that you timely receive the notification of new topics.

How to access and subscribe the forum?

11. The forum discussions are closed and only logged students from Bioanalytical Chemistry can participate (for that, you must follow the instructions provided in the Part 1). You can access the forum link from the top menu, as follows:

Important warning: If you want to be informed whether a new topics in the forum is open, it is highly recommended to activate the notification area in your forum panel, as indicated below.

It is highly recommended to receive notifications about new posts and topics since the participation in the active participation in forum will be avaluated. You will automatically get notified about new topics in order to participate.

Don’t forget! The forum is for communication purpose only, and all the new posts are accordingly announced under New Post section. However, do not reply the quizzes or the activities in the forum: for properly displaying the activities, you must be in the original post.

That’s all for now!

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