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Topic: Bioanalytical Chemistry

Master in Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research

Master in Advance Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


By interacting with the website content, you can get points, achievements and increase your rank. Revise the navigation links and activities that can provide you points, and increase your rank. You will be notified by a 5-sec notice in the up-right corner. Check your point balance and your rank accordingly to your participation in the subject.

How you can get points and increase your ranks?

You can collect various types of points by completing certain tasks on the website. You can increase your point balance by interacting in the website, as follows

Instance Amount Limit
Points for site visit 20 -
Points for viewing a post 2 Maximum 2 times per day
Points for viewing a page 2 Maximum 2 times per day
Points for viewing Ranks 1 Maximum once per day
Points for viewing Events 5 Maximum 2 times per day
Points for Approved Comment 10 No limit
Points for clicking on link to: %url% 2 -
Points for new forum topic 15 No limit
Points for new forum post 15 No limit
Point deduction for deleted forum post 10 -
Points for received forum post like 10 -
Points for logging in 30 Maximum once per day
Points for referring a visitor 5 Maximum once per day
Points for referring a new member 10 Maximum once per day
Points for viewing video 5 -

Beside these interactions, there are others instances, activities and milestone that you can increase your balance that will be granted by your prof. and that will be properly announced. The sum of point is now active as a trial.

What is a rank?

You can increase your rank from Newbie (level 5) to Legend (level 1) by increasing your points balance. The ranks are define as:

Newbie0-1000 points
Member1001 – 2500
Senior member2501 – 25000
 Veteran member25001 – 50000
Legendfrom 50001 points

How you can get a badge?

A badge is an achievement. Achievements reward users for meeting certain requirement.

There will be different achievements in which points (besides a trophy, gems, coins or other recognition) will be granted. One of these achievements are “Received Likes in Forum. Other achievements are granted with gems, including approved comments in posts.

Badge level image5 posts with likes100 points
Badge level image10250
Badge level image25500
Badge level image50750
Badge level image1001000
Received Likes Forum converter

Badge level image 5 comments approved100 points
Badge level image10250
Badge level image20750
Badge level image301500
Badge level image503000
Approved comments in posts converter

Other achievements are related with the marks obtained in the quiz after each main units (6 in total). For instance, you can get 10 point by passing a Quiz with 90 points. The second time, you will get 20 further points. If you scored 95, instead, you will get 20 points the first time, while for the second quiz over 95, you will get 40 points as so on, as detailed in the point converter.

Badge level image1st time10 points
Badge level image2nd20
Badge level image3rd30
Badge level image4th50
Badge level image5th100
Badge level image6th200
Pass a Quiz with 90 or higher converter
Badge level image 1st time20 points
Badge level image2nd40
Badge level image3rd60
Badge level image4th100
Badge level image5th200
Badge level image6th400
Pass a Quiz with 95 or higher converter

There are other individual achievements, that are only awarded once (or exceptionally more). Some examples are described bellow:

Badge level imageOustanding Performance Quiz (awarded to the higher score ever)
In case of a tie, also the faster. (only 1 will be granted)
2500 points
Badge level imageExcellence Quiz (awarded to the higher score in each of the quizzes).
In case of a tie, the faster.
500 points
Badge level imageMost liked comment or post 750 points
Badge level imageFunniest approved comment500 points
Badge level imageMaster in creativity for presenting a deliverable500 points
Badge level imageProblem solver500 points
Badge level imageFast in posting a deliverable 250 points
Badge level imageFaster solved (and approved) Quiz (awarded to the faster in each of the quizzes, in case of a tie, with higher score) 150 points
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gamipress-icon-search-3.pngTop challenge50 points

Surprising achievements will be announce during the course!


The 5 leaderboard will be granted with an increased in the mark according to the position, considered in the online activities.

Where you can check your balance?

Your balance in points can be found in the student zone (dashboard), in your private zone in which you can also check your grades. Trading among students is allowed without any restriction. Communicate such trades to the Prof in order to modify your balance.

You can check it in the following views:

Where can be seen the leaderboard and the most popular student?

This information can be found in the lateral bar menu only if you are logged.

That’s all for today!


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