Structure of biomolecules and Biorecognition. DNA. Quiz 2

Lesson 2

Structure of biomolecules and Biorecognition. Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins. Antibodies. Enzymes. Nucleic Acids. Biorecognition: Enzyme/Substrate. Antigen/antibody. Hybridization. Other affinity interactions in nature. Strept(avidin), Protein A and G. Aptamers.  Biomimetic recognition. The importance of water in biorecognition. Biological buffers.

February 23 @ 12:00 – 23:59 CET

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This lecture will be focused on the structure of DNA and RNA. Today we are going to study the secondary structure of DNA and the importance of this structure in the function.

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1. Linkage of the DNA sugarphosphate backbone
2. Sugar of the DNA
3. Two DNA strands running in opposite directions
4. Purine base
5. Denaturing agent for DNA
6. Striking characteristic of naturally occurring DNA molecule
7. Affinity interaction between the two DNA strands
8. Enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of DNA by copying the template
9. Nitrogenous bases in DNA of only one ring
10. Nitrogenous bases in DNA of two rings
11. RNA strands are created using DNA strands as a template in a process called…….
12. Under the genetic code, the RNA strands specify the sequence of amino acids within proteins in a process called……
13. Long structures in which the DNA of eukaryotic cells is organized
14. DNA is duplicated in a process called……
15. Voids that are adjacent to the base pairs and may provide a binding site for different agents including dyes
16. Many mutagens fit into the space between two adjacent base pairs in a process called….


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