Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory 2021

I am pleased to inform you that this academic year 2021, the subject Bioanalytical Chemistry will finally have laboratory practices, as we have repeatedly requested, both teachers and students.

Together with M.Sc. Melania Mesas Gómez and Arnau Pallarés-Rusiñol, we are working hard in provide you practices of quality in this topic.

The practices that we are working on are:

Practicum 1. Spectrophotometric techniques for the quantification of proteins in biological samples. Lowry, BCA and Bradford.

Practicum 2. Immunoassays. Enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) assay for the detection of analytes of biological interest.

Practicum 3. Rapid diagnostic tests based on lateral flow assays and gold nanoparticles with visual readout.

Practicum 4. Enzymatic methods. Enzymatic detection of glucose in biological samples. Spectrophotometric method in microplates vs point of care detection using glucose biosensor (glucometer).

Deliverable 5. Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab Report

Further directives will be provided soon!

Deadline Deliverable 5

June 4 @ 23:59

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  • A template for the laboratory report will be provided, and will contain the Title of the activity, complete name and NIA (Student ID number)

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