General instructions e-learning for Bioanalytical Chemistry. Part 2

Tutorial for subscribing and accessing the website

Activity 3. Verify that your grades in the first exam is 100 %! Don’t forget that this is just a trial 馃檪

How to check your grades?

10. The grades can be found in the Dashboard upon login (mandatory) (for that, you must follow the instructions provided in the previous post). From the top menu you can access the Grades link, as follows:

This will be the view of the dashboard in which you will find your grades. In the dashboard as shown in the picture you can check your gradebook with your marks for each activity, etc. You can also customize your dashboard (no mandatory) (in Profile).

You can return the Website with all the activities by clicking in the left corner “Isabel Pividori Website”, including the evaluation, forum, news, calendar.

That’s all for now!

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