Kick off meeting. Master in Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research

link to Master main website M1: Industry and Research in Chemistry: Specialized Topics in Theory and Practice. 60 h.  Coord. Fina Pons ( Introduction to photochemistry. 3 h. José Luis Bourdelande Regulations. 4 h. Cristina Palet Patents. 7 h. Rafael Pi, (4 h). Núria Rivera (3 h). Experimental design. 7 h. Jordi Coello CV and presentations preparation. 4 Read More

Cover of Sensors Journal

Our article “Immunomagnetic Separation Improves the Detection of Mycobacteria by Paper-Based Lateral and Vertical Flow Immunochromatographic Assays” , by Alejandra Ben Aissa, Barbara Araújo,  Esther Julián, Maria Valnice Boldrin Zanoni and María Isabel Pividori , has been selected, among 305 articles, by the editors as the cover of the forthcoming issue. Immunomagnetic separation improves the detection of mycobacteria by Read More

PhD special prize award in Chemistry/Premis Extraordinaris de Doctorat for two of our PhD students

In this edition, two of our phD students, Soledad Carinelli (2018/2019) and Silio Lima de Moura (2019/2020) were awarded with the PhD special prize award. The ceremony will be held on November 2021. Congratulations! Silio Lima Moura (Becario Ciencias sin Fronteras, Brasil). From preconcentration to rapid detection of exosomes as biomarkers in clinical diagnosis. 27/07/2020.  Soledad Read More

Informació important. Protecció de dades en matèria de docència virtual i d’avaluacions en línia Curs 21/22

D’acord amb l’article 13 del Reglament (UE) 2016/679, del Parlament Europeu i del Consell, de 27 d’abril de 2016, relatiu a la protecció de les persones físiques pel que fa al tractament de dades personals i la lliure circulació d’aquestes dades (RGPD), les vostres dades personals seran tractades per la Maria Isabel Pividori Gurgo (Universitat Read More